Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cribs: The Wilkinsons

Hey everyone!
Now that we have internet we're starting our blog, and hopefully we can keep everyone informed about our lives in Rexburg. Lately we've just been unpacking and decorating our house, although things probably will change and be moved around quite often. We've been having lots of fun together decorating and organizing this place into OUR home! Things aren't done completely, but we wanted to share pictures of our house with family and friends that live far away and aren't able to come visit us!
Enjoy the tour!

We'll start off with our room, where the magic happens....
okay we had to say that line.
This is the closet in our room, but overall it's Ashley's.

This is Nate's closet...
in the spare bedroom.

This is the messy, still unorganized spare bedroom.
AKA the office.
Available for visitors!

This is our awesome bathroom!
Chloe loves it very much.

The awesome and wonderful Nate!

Here's the view of downstairs.

Our entertainment system.

We love our living room...and rockband too.
That is the drum set, for those who aren't
familiar with rockband.

Chloe's can't see the litter box.

Our beautiful table in our dinning room.

Caught in the act! Nate tried to out smart Chloe
by putting his cup on top of the refrigerator.
Cups left alone are no longer safe anywhere but the cabinets.

This is Chloe's favorite spot...the sink.

Where the magic really does happen.

I'm sure you are disappointed that there are no pictures of our "rides". Check back often.
-Nate & Ash