Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Utah trip and the BYU game.

So we went to Utah this last weekend to get snow tires for the car... although that didn't really work out. But we did get to go to costco, which we love and see my sister Kristen and her husband Dave. Even though the main reason we went down there didn't work out, it was a lot of fun to see Dave and Kristen and go to the BYU game, even though as my dad reminded me... I'm not a BYU fan. He was mad that I got to go and he, a true fan, didn't. Anyways, here are a few pictures.

From right to left, me, Dave and his friend. I should remember his name, I've met him a few times... sorry. Yes, I did wear my FLORIDA GATORS hat to the game. I don't think to many people noticed since it's blue.

My gorgeous wife Ashley and beautiful sister Kristen.

AND I have added NEW MUSIC to the page. I'm sure I'll add more later.

Friday, November 7, 2008

A promise is a promise, happy birthrday Kristin!

For Kristin's birthday she wanted me to put up a picture
of me working at the potato factory\farm place. I tried to
lookas happy as I could. It wasn't that bad... college jobs
are learning experiences. 3 posts in one day, I'm officially
a "blogger."

Old rooms...

I was going to upload pictures to show what the walls used to look like, however you can see those below. The blue and green were just a little too "bold" for us. Oh... and new music will be coming to the blog soon, I promise you=-)

Wow, what a great job you guys did painting!

My hot babe painting in my painting clothes=-)
She looks better than I do in them.

Yes... those are official painting pants.

New bedroom! No blue wall.

Shows the color better.

New office\2nd bedroom. The spot is not on the wall,
it was on the camera.