Thursday, September 11, 2008

Life As We Know It

So I've been waiting to blog about some exciting event in our lives here in Rexburg... something "blog worthy". I was thinking about something like "We BOTH have jobs"! No, hasn't happened... Luckily, Nate has a job! Nate started training this week so everyday I drop him off a eleven and pick him up at three. I won't go into the details of what he does there, because I don't really know what he does there. Something about working with a law firm and fixing people's credit. He is on the phone most of the time though. Today he actually starts working with people on the phone, so good luck babe! Next week he officially starts working full time from six to two. He's not so thrilled about the early mornings... As for me, I spend my time at home usually. Since we've been here life for me has been like this: send in my resume, wait a few days to hear back from them, go to an interview, don't get the job. This process has been really hard on me of course and it has been difficult for me to stay positive. FYI don't come to Rexburg if you need a job... just kidding, but seriously. I'm still looking and hoping that eventually I get hired somewhere.
Leaving the job topic, we started school this week! I'm taking four night classes and Nate is taking two. I'll be busy studying Psychology, Family History, Sociology, and Anatomy while Nate is studying Book of Mormon and Literature! We have very interesting class schedules since we're taking night classes. Two of my classes are once a week from seven to ten, one is twice a week only one hour long, and the other class is also once a week from five to nine! Intense, huh! We're just glad we're able to take a few classes.
My blogging time is up and I better go work on some Thank You letters... if you're expecting one you'll get yours soon! Lots of diligence and hard work go into those... :D