Monday, August 17, 2009


It took us less than a week after finals to get out of Idaho and down to AZ. Then a few days later we were in CA! What can I say, it's not summer without California! We slept in, went to the beach, ate some delicious food, and I took Nate to some of my favorite spots. He finally got to see the Del. He hears about it all the time from my family since we'd spend every summer on Coronado since I was five, or however young I was.

We ate at Sammy's, one of my favorite restaurants because of their dessert...the messy sundae!! We went to the beach a lot. We're actually tan! I should say Nate's tan, I'm peeling. We went to a few different beaches. We went to my favorite one in Carlsbad, and then Pacific beach by Mission. Not my favorite. You'll always see some interesting people there. Don't worry, there will be another post on that whole experience.

My family went back to the site where Nate and I took some of our wedding pics a year ago and took some family pictures. I was a little sad that it looked different already! I guess that's what happens though, but it's only been a year!!

Oh the memories!

Summer buzz....

We're spending most of our 7 week break in Arizona, so I did the only thing that I could to help with the heat.
During (and my lovely sister Kristen.)