Friday, May 1, 2009

Well Hello

I figured I'd get this month started right by blogging. We had a wonderful break in between semesters in Arizona, and now we're back to the school routine. Nate and I have two classes together, which is wonderful because we can be study partners. As Nate would say, "What's studying?" He's been lucky to breeze on by these firsts few years of college without spending hours with study groups in the library. We both despise the library and try to avoid it. Actually, we both try to spend the least amount of time at school as possible. It's going to be hard to do this semester. We start our day off by being on campus by 7:20 and I don't usually leave till 5:00...they joy of having an on-campus job. Nate usually gets out of there by two. This semester has already been a joy, for Nate and I both. It's lucky we have two classes together or we'd barely see each other! I think Chloe is feeling a little deprived these days. When we're at home, she's always near if not laying on one of us.
While we were in AZ my mom organized a family photo shoot. It was a blast to spend that time with my whole's hard to get the Yoder family all together with everyone's busy schedule. I haven't seen all of the pictures, but I love this one. I'm biased to black and white though. Look at those ridiculously good looking people.

I absolutely love this picture too because it depicts our personalities. Nate's being a goof...I'm cracking up, probably because of him...Kelsey is posed perfectly for the camera, such a model...Dad, "Where's Zeus?" ...Mom is looking glamorous, probably saying "Wait! My boobs aren't in place!" haha...Justin's his chill self. By the way, Nate ended up laying in poop. Oh his luck.

I miss the palm trees and sunny weather of AZ. I'll always be a Arizona girl.