Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What's New

Recently, I have encountered what it really means to be working. I am now working two jobs which amounts up to 40+ hours a week. I've always had a job, but worked part time. Now since I'm out of school I figured that I have all this free time, so why not work as much as I can! I'm working at Jimmy John's which is a fast paced sandwich shop and at Heritage Homes which is an assisted living home. I work as a care taker there, and there are about seven residents living there. I really do love both jobs, which are completely different! The job at the assisted living home will really help me pursue a career in the health care field. It's great experience for me. I'm also starting up CNA school next week. I'm staying busy and loving life as a college grad!

My days are less eventful. I still work on campus doing early morning custodial (I start at 3:30...) and so then I come home and try to sleep for a while. Aside from that I try to do most of the house cleaning since Ashley works so much. Since school ended we've been trying to work out to get back in shape, last semester was a bit busy so we didn't get to go to the gym as much as we'd like to. Anyways, my life is fairly uneventful. I work, sleep, clean, read and I'm thinking about playing the wii.. but never get around to it. We are watching Lost... Ashley has never seen most of it and so we have started from the first season on netflix and are now on season 3. I'll maybe write again if I ever do something eventful.


Toni said...

Thanks for the update! Loving the new look of the blog...by the way. :)

Kristin said...

You guys crack me up...Nate, remember when you showed me the world of Lost?

Ashley, you are a crazy working woman! Glad you like your jobs, they sound about as different as you can get.


Nathan and Ashley said...

I do remember you watching Lost... ever watch anymore or did you quit? Now you have your Glee... and minivans never rock, but I'll have to see it sometime I guess....

Amber said...

Lost is SO addicting. We watched it on Netflix too and it didn't take us very long to watch all the seasons. Sounds like you guys are busy! Glad you're doing well!