Monday, May 9, 2011

Change in Scenery

In about three weeks we'll be making our way down to Arizona for what hopefully will be our last move for awhile. I'm SO done with moving...once is enough. We haven't even started packing up our stuff yet. Yikes! Most of our stuff is in storage anyway. If you haven't heard, Nate was accepted and starts P.T. school June 6th! Yay! He'll be attending Midwestern, which was our first pick of schools. Yeah, my husband is a rock star. He'll be in school for three more years. Once he completes Midwestern's program he'll have a doctorate in physical therapy and then just have to take the official test to become a licensed P.T. The end is in sight!

I am SO SO SO ready for a hot and sunny summer. Lots of tanning, bathing suits, and swimming! Winter is not my season! That seems to be the main season in Idaho and Washington. (We don't get along well) This is my last week of work before we leave. YAY! I've been ready for a change in employment. Then we head up to Canada for a mini-vacation (very much needed) before the long journey to AZ.

That's the brief summary of the next few weeks for us minus the chaos of packing. Oh, let the good times roll!

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