Monday, March 19, 2012

Meet Kato

Nate and I brought in a new member to our growing family on March 7th! Well, I actually got to go pick him up in Riverside, CA and drove him home with a friend. Kato is an Alaskan Klee Kai which is a fairly new breed. Nate found the breeder through facebook and we fell in love with these dogs immediately! It doesn't take much for me to fall in love with an animal, as most of you know. I'm a sucker for animals!

Anyway, we brought Kato home at 8 weeks old. We've been having so much fun training him and just enjoying the puppy stages! He's already crate trained, and only woke up once last night to go potty! Woohoo! Poor Nate has been sacrificing his sleep to make sure Kato gets crate trained and doesn't have any accidents at night. I have a feeling I'm going to be one lucky mommy when we have kids ;) I married a great guy.

We've been teaching Kato the basics using a clicker and treats as reinforcement. He's a smart pup and catches on really quick! Enough with the typing though, I know you all want to see pictures, and pictures I will post! Lots and lots of picture :)


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Becky said...

What a BEAUTIFUL puppy!!!!!