Friday, March 6, 2009

I survived this week!

This week has been absolutely crazy!! I work for a department on campus that deals with off campus jobs, so this week we had a Career Fair. Even though I'm only a secretary, I felt the craziness of the week. Thursday was the actual fair, which is not a good day for me! I normally have class till 9:15 at night. So Thursday I started at seven and basically didn't get a break till 9:15! By the time I got home, I was exhausted. The fair went great! There were some grad schools there too, so Nate and I got some information about grad school from them. Man am I so intimidated of grad school. It's going to be intense! I can't believe that I will need to start applying soon. Time flies by so fast!

School is going great! I LOVE all of my classes, even though they're kicking my butt! On Wednesday we had a P.A. in dermatology come to the disease class that I'm taking. Since that is exactly what I want to do I was so excited to hear from him. Let me tell you though, there are some nasty skin diseases! I find it extremely interesting, he didn't talk me out of it :). I'm still keeping my options open though, since P.A.s can specialize in a lot of fields. He said that he diagnoses about two people a day with skin cancer. Scary!! People need to wear sun screen and take care of their skin!

Tomorrow Nate and I are planning on going snowboarding. It's the last day the resort will be open, and our first time going snowboarding this season. How sad is that! We lucked out and got free lift tickets from Nate's friend, so basically we have incentive to go. At least we'll use our boards once before the season is over. Hopefully I'll get some pictures of boarding tomorrow so I can post them on here!

All in all, life is great! I have the greatest husband. He just cleaned the kitchen today while I took a nap and caught up on some sleep. How wonderful is he?! I love him :)

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hendywow said...

Well, You guys looks like you have a happy life! I am so glad you got a great guy, and he got a wonderful girl too.