Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lake Powell

Every year my family and a bunch of friends go to Lake Powell for Labor day. I'm a little behind in blogging about our it is.

The Moyes's house boat the "Big Dog". You can see why it's named that.

My strange husband who doesn't know how to make a normal face for a picture.

So lady like...hahaha it's basically tradition to get a picture of someone in my family sleeping. Look at my mom's page for a picture of Justin snoozing on the ground :)

Some of the clan inside the Big Dog. We really rough it at Lake Powell.

The view from the top of the house boat.

This is how cool people were their swimsuits. Hahaha. It looks like Lily is Justin's kid.

Everyone loading up for our adventure to Dangling Rope.

I love Lake Powell.

The massive fishies at Dangling Rope. They must be on steroids.

Where we usually get ice cream or root beer floats. The weather didn't permit though.


joanna yoder said...

Great pictures. I didn't get any from this year. Can you email me some, please? The weather was lousy on our dangling rope adventure day. It made for an unforgettable memory though. A wet and freezing one!

Linda Bennett said...

These pictures make me so anxious for our trip this summer! Looks like you had a great time. Too bad your marina ice cream trip didn't work out. Such a beatiful lake. It ranks right up there with Disneyland. The two happiest places on earth!

Kristin said...

Well, that would be the MOHAWK back for a little renuion tour until school!

hendywow said...

Awesome, I love Lake Powell too! I spent my summers there as a kid... and they are some of my favorite memories! My kids love it too.