Saturday, September 10, 2011


Ok here we go!
  • I finally started my job at Del Webb hospital in the Acute Rehabilitation department. I work with P.T.s (whoohoo), O.T.s and Sp.T.s. Most of the patients are older, which I have the most experience with. I LOVE IT. I actually get to see miracles happen, and the patients get to go home! I have been so blessed to have an awesome preceptor. She's the best I could have gotten. I'm done with orientation and am on my own starting next week! 
  • Nate started his second quarter. His load is a lot harder this time around! He has physiology and histology together. The only other class I remember is evaluation. He is so excited to break out all his tools finally. I have a feeling I'm going to be the Guinea pig a lot.
  • I had an interview at A.T. Still University Friday!!! I was an awesome learning experience. I felt it went really well. My interview group was the first and consisted of 24 people. Two-thirds were female, and one-third (that I know of) were LDS. Crazy, right? This is one reason why I love my church so much, education is so important! The interview consisted of an essay portion, faculty interview and chair interview. We actually got to meet the main man. Here are the stats for the school: 3,000 applicants, 250 applicant interviews and 70 accepted. It's a smaller school, but I like that. Everyone seemed to be really close and friendly.
  • Nate and I were able to go on the annual Lake Powell trip this year over Labor day weekend. I'll have a separate post on that, but we had so much fun like always!

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