Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lake Powell

Over Labor day weekend Nate and I were able to go to Lake Powell with my family and close friends. It was a blast and we look forward to going every year! Here are some pictures from the trip.

 Getting ready to swim

Little sis swimming

The group hiking

Lundeen family and Yoder family

Remi, Jen, Kelsey and Justin

 Filing out

Nate made a friend :)

Kelsey jumping off the cliff to swim back to the boat

The gorgeous swim

 The view from the beginning of the hike


Nate posing in the kayak

The house boats minus one

The best part of Powell, tubing!

It gets a little intense!
Cory, Kade, Kelsey and Jacob

All of the Yoder kids
Justin, Jen, Kelsey, Nate and Ashley

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