Monday, November 7, 2011


Our October was jammed pack with fun things to do! I LOVE this time of year because there are so many seasonal things to do. I've definitely been taking advantage of having so many options since we're back in a big city. At least every Saturday I try to get Nate out of his study cave to go on an outing somewhere new.

To start it all off, Nate had his white coat ceremony at the beginning of October. The white coat ceremony is a symbolic event for all the first year students. Now that they have been awarded with their white coat, the students are held to a higher standard and are expected to represent Midwestern in a professional manner. The expectation especially goes for when they are out on their clinical rotations.

 Nate's physical therapy class

Nate and his friend Dustin

We also made it out to a farm close by to pick out our pumpkins. I was really disappointed that a lot of farms don't let you pick your own pumpkins anymore. They have them picked and on display for their customers. I'm on the hunt for a good pumpkin patch where you can actually pick your own. That's just one tradition that I'm not going to lose!

Nate's pumpkin

My two pumpkins. I can never leave without getting a baby pumpkin. They're so cute!

Last weekend we finally went to the Desert Botanical Garden. In all my life of living in AZ, I've never been there. I'm so glad that we decided to go! Sure, it's not what you think of "garden", or at least what I think of when I hear the word garden. It's an Arizona garden :) Oh, and I dyed my hair!! You'll see it in the very last picture in this section.

I definitely can't leave out Halloween! Nate borrowed the best costume from my brother this year! It won him "best costume" in one of his classes.

Nate the Grouch

 If you can't tell, Halloween is a big deal on Willow Avenue

Some of the candy...We tried to keep track of the number of kids that came by and we finished at 700 kids within 90 minutes.

To finish this post up, Nate started an indoor, co-ed soccer team with some of his classmates called the Palitators. Yes, the Palitators. It was suppose to be the Palpitators...get it? A soccer team comprised of physical therapy students known as the Palpitators...Anyway, the girl that signed Nate up got it wrong and now they're stuck with the wrong team name. Next week is the championships that they get to go to! They've done really well. Here are a few pictures of them in action.

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